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Kneed 'Silent conversation' at Mayday Rooms 

During this teach out we wanted to respond to use our 'Silent Conversations' to respond to the fact that he strike poses a challenge to the art and labor debates of the last decade. 'Artists have frequently rejected the connection between the artist as precarious worker and the modes of employment that have become generalized within the [institutions they work in]. But as the strikes have shown, that disappointments such as low pay and poor contracts can result not only in solipsistic, individualized complaints, but in a recognition of our status as a part of a labor force essential to the running of our workplaces, despite how we are often treated as afterthoughts. Art and intellectual labor may of course still tenuously, occasionally, be able to hover in the zone of un-instrumentalized labor, but when we are employed, this is clearly not the case.' (Larne for Artforum -

In this workshop we asked questions about how to go on artstrike,  thoughts on precarity, and our experiences of time, labour, care and social reproduction within the art world. 

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