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Act of kneeding/ Act of wedging audio:

recorded at Rochester Square, June 2019

Sound taken from Kneed conversation that took place at the act of kneeding/act of wedging workshop 

"the big debate, do you add eggs to the flour"
"what proportions do you use, or do you do it by eye" "I always do it by eye" "help it to bind?" "yes to help it to bind"
"should it be flat, should it be a bowl, should you let rise, like a ring?"
"i should have added to the flour"
"i love how it stains your hands. the tumeric" "such a strong colour, can you add it to ceramics, add the spice to make the clay colour." "I think the colour burns" "I think the colour will dissolve over time, or mould as it reacts" "only time will tell how the vase will age".
"a lumpy, thick, not very nice tasty thing"
" i'm following a 1920s recipe of a solider during the second world war and filling of mushroom caramelised onion and dill, a lot of dill, really really dill-y"
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