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Ishwari Bhalerao

Ishwari Bhalerao's practice(s) is trying to explore, break down and expand histories embodied within landscapes and language. She currently walks, works and criticises the violence held with the British landscape, reiterating it through text, moving image and analogue photo development processes. Through her work and texts, she is also questioning 'generational aspirations' in present day Britain and India, while thinking about sustenance and resistance, in the face of globalised capitalism.

She has exhibited her work in several group shows including, Skullpture at the Grant Museum, Widening the Gaze at Slade School of Fine Art and First Exhibition at Matthews Court.

She is the co-founder of Reading Room Collective, Walking Club and Bread Club. She also works as an Arts and Community Engagement Assistant at Migrant's Bureau. She has performed in a play Rajgati with Theatre of Relevance, directed by international theatre-thinker Manjul Bharadwaj.

She is working in a long term collaboration with artist Leonie Rousham since the last two years. Together, they have shown their work, 51°31”24’N 0°08”31’W at Colour and Poetry Exhibition at Slade School of Fine Art, Economy of Conversation at Bigger Fish To Fry at AMP Gallery and Towing the Line: Over and Over at Sharing Borders Symposium.

They are also the founders of Kneed, as part of which they have hosted End to Continual Cycles of Exhaustion Conversations as part of Art, Labour and Precarity at May Day Rooms, Kneed Teach Out at the Bartlett Picket Line support the UCU and IWGB Strikes 2019 and Kneeding Conversations as part of C.L.A.Y at Rochester Square.

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