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Context: where are you writing from right now?
I lie on the riverbed where water once flowed. 
I am parched just enough to need its return. I flow just enough to trust its return.
breath in
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The river is lined with trees on both sides. The exposed ground exposes the web of roots holding up soil and rock. My spine aligns with riverspine.
The roots have been strategizing. 
Strategies for liberated, flowing, futures (pasts/presents/futures)
Strategies enabling holding, waiting, exposing
Action embedded in our being
Alignment begins with a pleasuring discomfort.
Horizontally uneven, unequally equitable
breath out
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which language
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Lying down on the riverbed, I can feel the river flowing through me. I close my eyes as I loose the edges of my body.
We temporarily equalise
I do not belong to the river and the river does not belong to me 
An equitable existence 
All is intentionally temporary 

The river and I, interchange our backs, our flows intertwined, give back our backs. 
Exchange is cyclical
Our exchange is the undercommons’ debt
The undercommons’ debt is change itself
exhaustive waters
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I stand, feet curling over roots and soil, and begin to walk along the river. Ground level high above my head, I am pulled by what pulls the river, what gives it direction, what it is compelled to move towards.
We seek rhythm
A continuous search, only acceptable from a place of acceptance 
that the search is not towards accumulation

We are pulled and pulling, towards intention
We dig at intention, each others' intention
We respect intention, we resist respectable intentions
Within difference of intentions we find movement, alignment, vibrations.

No one is free, if no one is free 
building up a rhythm
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In this riverbed, I smell the remnants of wet soil. I smell the dried moss, leaves and underground insects cooling themselves in the dampness of their shelter, and they revel in the smells too.

Moving towards desire
We create systems that widen the horizons of bare minimums 
In resistance to scarcity
We smell, see, feel, believe, trust, scream, taste, listen, touch and be

We begin, we conclude, we repeat, we change.
We imagine the flow of the river to remember the flow of the river.


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